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“Organizations that destroy the status quo win. Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable.” ~ Seth Godin

Disruptex is a specialist consultancy that supports organisations wishing to significantly improve their performance – that is improve profitability, streamline operations, improve team cohesion, remove the reliance of the business on the business owner or leader, and create a solid organisational foundation on which to grow or scale.

This is done through Operational Excellence, which is the development of a culture that executes an organisational strategy in a way that is reliable, consistent, and effective. It lowers operational risk, lowers operating costs, and increases revenues relative to an organisation’s competition, creating outstanding value for customers along the way.

Operational Excellence is critical for 21st century organisations to ensure agility and adaptability whilst maintaining stability and profitability in a rapidly changing context.

Through our services, we support the implementation of programs and initiatives that facilitate outstanding Operational Excellence across industries and organisation types.

Challenges and Issues

Poor growth and low profits.
Poor organisational systems, processes and performance increases expenses, decreases revenue, and decreases productivity. Poor team and organisational performance.
Lack of team and organisational clarity around structure and roles results in firefighting behaviours, bottlenecks and a focus on low-value-activities. Poor organisational culture, with a team that are out of flow.
Significant operational risk
Over-reliance on the owner, business leader or key employees (key-person risk), with the risk of burnout, employee turnover and operational failures. Poor compliance practices.

Key Outcomes With Operational Excellence

High performing organisation
Clarity of strategy and excellence in execution delivers a high performing organisation and team with increased profits, decreased expenses, an engaged team and better overall performance measures.
 Decreased organisational risk
Removal of reliance on the business owner, leader or key employees through effective use of the team, mitigated risk, efficient and effective operations, and compliance with governance requirements.
Strong Foundations
Strong and sustainable foundations on which to scale. There is clarity in the organisational structure and individual roles. Efficient systems and processes. The team, leadership and organisation are in absolute alignment, pulling in a unified direction. A team in flow.

Operational Excellence programs are critical to creating successful and thriving 21st century organisations that are future-proofed, profitable, and high-performing. Contact Us now to have a chat about what challenges you are facing, and how Operational Excellence can help your organisation.

“An organisation is always one decision away from a totally different future” ~ Natalia Huber

About Disruptex

Disruptex is one of the very few consultancies in Australia that specialises in Operational Excellence – the development of a culture that executes an organisational strategy in a way that is reliable, consistent, and effective. Essentially it is about creating high-performing operations management; that is, having a high-performing engine in your business.

Disruptex believes that Operational Excellence can make an incredible impact on our world – empowering generations of business owners, leaders and their amazing teams to have successful, profitable and meaningful organisations, that solve some of the big and small (but important) challenges of our world through the incredible work that they do. Every organisation can choose to be a part of the solution, but needs some simple tools and structures to help deliver their powerful and necessary solutions to the world.

Disruptex doesn’t deliver old change management programs – the world has shifted and our 21st century demands new expertise, techniques, technology and tools that align to a 21st century context and 21st century challenges.

Through our proven consulting services, programs, and coaching, we support business owners and leaders transform their businesses or business units into high-performing, scalable and profitable entities.

Disruptex has a brand new course and program opening soon!

We’re very excited to be launching our brand new Operational Excellence course and program. Please click here to view all the details of our new course and program.

Contact Disruptex

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the opportunity of what Operational Excellence could look like in your organisation, and how to implement it. Successful organisational transformation starts by taking the first step.

“Any time there is change, there is opportunity. So it is paramount that an organization  get energized rather than paralyzed” ~ Jack Welch

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